10 Inspiring Podcasts To Boost Your Productivity Now

10 Inspiring Podcasts To Boost Your Productivity Now

‘Busy’ is the new ‘fine’: we’re always running one thing to the next, squeezing in workouts between work, social and family life. It can often feel like there’s never enough time for catching up on interests, learning a new skill or cultivating better habits. Luckily, coffee is no longer the only thing we take on the go. Making it easy to access information, podcasts can be a great tool to boost productivity even as you go about your day. Check out Compare Retreats favourite podcasts to boost your productivity now.

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The 5 AM Miracle

You don’t have to get up at 5AM for this one, but you might want to once you’ve listened to an episode or two. Finding time to eat breakfast can prove difficult enough without having to worry about effectively using your time in the morning, but keynote speaker Jeff Sanders’ podcast The 5 AM Miracle helps you make the most of your mornings with habits anyone can implement into their routine. He often invites guest speakers to share their own methods of becoming high-achieving productive people.

The Productivityist Podcast

Personal wellness doesn’t stop at physical health but extends to the habits we train ourselves to make. A weekly show hosted by productivity strategist Mike Vardy, The Productivity Podcast is a time-management and personal productivity show which shares data and analysis into the science of productivity, exploring topics such as mindfulness and ADHD. The podcast is a great way to learn how to improve workflow and efficiency.

Getting Things Done

Cutting to the chase, Getting Things Done acknowledges that we often get stuck behind planning and strategising, and never actually get round to doing it. The podcast speaks with a different person in every episode, each with a unique method of beating procrastination, discussing subjects such as the complexity of the workplace, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Self-Made Man

While the name of Self-Made Man might suggest otherwise, advice on Mike Dillard’s show lends itself to both men and women, focusing primarily on marketing but occasionally touching on topics such as health and fitness. Featuring individuals from the business space, this podcast offers tips on self-earned success and the mentality behind achieving it.

Home Work

For all the benefits of working remotely, anyone who’s done it will know there are days where productivity seems to be off the cards. Home Work is a podcast for those working from home, sharing the motivational opportunity seen within the flexibility and comforts of your own living space.

The Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative is a podcast perfect for those in the creative field. Listen in and find inspiration for better ideas and answers to questions about improving your focus, workplace stress and the proximity principle. If you’re a creative or part of a creative team in need of stirring up the pot, this is the perfect podcast.

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Meditation Minis

Guided meditation might be what you need if you find yourself struggling with productivity or experiencing work-related stress or anxiety. Find just 15 minutes in your day and learn meditation techniques that will help with boosting confidence and overcoming negative thinking.  This podcast keeps it short and sweet but the tips you learn will last a lifetime.


Another podcast that’s great for anyone on a time crunch, ProdPod‘s surefire strategy for efficiency is taught in under two minutes, with thought-provoking episodes covering sustainable productivity, problem-solving and overcoming procrastination. On your next coffee run, give ProdPod a listen and learn the power of daily routines.

Productivity Paradox

Believing that achieving productivity should be personal and highly customised, Productivity Paradox is a weekly podcast which shares bitesize tips exploring topics such as time management, organisation as well as more personal areas like family and relationships.

Hurry Slowly

The secret to boosting productivity and reducing stress might not exactly be found in a quick fix. The host of Hurry Slowly, Jocelyn K. Glei believes that the key to a more energizing, intentional life is through slowing down. Mindfulness and the simple act of paying attention to our surroundings will help us become less stressed out and more tapped into productivity.

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