Clinique La Prairie’s CEO Simone Gibertoni On Regenerative Medicine & Wellness Tourism Trends

Clinique La Prairie’s CEO Simone Gibertoni On Regenerative Medicine & Wellness Tourism Trends

With increased work and lifestyle stress, people look to wellness for healing and to indulge in self-care and holistic retreats. Medical wellness clinics offer a scientific approach to retreats, by using experts, which include dermatologists, doctors, scientists, and fitness specialists, to curate in-depth programmes. In Switzerland, Clinique La Prairie has been in the industry since 1931, and as one of Europe’s most exclusive medical retreats, it now bridges traditional and modern innovation in its comprehensive programmes. Compare Retreats speaks to Clinique La Prairie’s CEO, Simon Gibertoni, on the medical wellness clinic’s unique Medispa concept, regenerative medicine, and longevity retreats as a growing wellness trend.

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Can you tell us about what makes Clinique La Prairie unique and innovative?

Clinique La Prairie is innovative in four ways. These include:

1) Our unique Medispa concept.

A unique combination of spa, hospital and hotel in one location, with the widest range of experts, and pioneering and innovative treatments.

2) Our scientific approach to health and wellness, and scientifically verifiable expertise in rejuvenation, wellbeing, and longevity. 

Clinique La Prairie instills cutting-edge science and technology in all its programmes. The clinic has continuously evolved since 1931 to become a multidisciplinary, expert-led medical facility that specialises in providing world-class preventative medicine, based on cutting-edge science.

Its scientific committee includes international experts and clinicians in the fields of research medicine and biosciences. Recently, we added a collaboration with Biopôle, a leading Swiss life sciences campus, boasting a large diversity of clinical and academic research. We now have our own internal life-science division.

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Revitalisation Premium is the world’s most advanced anti-ageing and longevity treatment to date: an immersive, whole-body, and completely bespoke therapy. In 2018, we were the first wellness clinic to integrate DNA testing into health programmes. Since then, genetics have taken an even stronger front seat, with DNA tests forming part of the Revitalisation, Master Detox and Weight Loss programmes and driving the highest level of
personalisation for programmes.

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The clinic’s work has always been based in the life sciences and, because a key part of disease-prevention is diet, the emphasis has recently shifted towards nutritional science: In 2019, the Revitalisation, Master Detox and Beauty programmes have had nutrigenomics (the study of the relationship between nutrition, health, and the human genome) and dietary elements added. In 2020, we are launching the new Master Detox programme with a
genomic-based method using nutritional science. More will come in this
area in the near future.

We are also taking a particular interest in research on microbiota, senescent cells and their markers, among other aspects of life science and biology, in an effort to determine how they can be used to promote holistic longevity.

3) Regenerative medicine.

We offer stem cell treatments and Cell Boost our aesthetic courses. You will look and feel years younger after this revolutionary ultra-personalised procedure, dispensed by a team with solid experience in groundbreaking anti-aging and longevity research.

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4) Innovation in our world of exclusive Medispa also means an innovative customer experience based on ultra-personalisation.

Every day of a programme at Clinique La Prairie means a world-class experience that exceeds customer’s needs in every possible way. Increasingly, customers are requesting ultra-personalised programmes, as well as lifestyle coaching that goes beyond one-day or one-week programmes. Clinique La Prairie meaningfully builds this connection with long-term support (post-stay and hubs, and in the near future a brand-new supplements range).

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How much do these treatments cost?

Revitalisation Premium starts from CHF 40,200 (£33,221) including full board (non-alcoholic beverages) and limousine services from/to the airport or train station.

Revitalisation Programme starts from CHF 25,300 (£20,907) including full board (non-alcoholic beverages) and limousine services from/to the airport or train station.

Stem Cells—prices are available upon request.

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Why are ‘longevity retreats’ a growing trend amongst luxury travellers? 

Longevity retreats are a growing trend amongst luxury travellers for a number of reasons. Today we live a fast-paced life, but want to be able to enjoy a longer life with fulfilment and true health. There is also an increasing global consciousness that healthier choices can make a difference; such as sustainability, veganism etc. and many such life and values dimensions have led to people becoming more health-conscious and more willing to proactively take care of their health to live better for longer.

They are genuinely integrating these values into their lifestyle. The last 10 years have seen an increasing emphasis on medical wellness as more people tap into advances in science that heal inside and out. Among them, luxury travelers are a demanding clientele who look for authentic premium destinations to experience the best in their wellness journey.

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In what ways is Clinique La Prairie tapping into this trend?

We can proudly say that this is not a trend for us, but it’s been our raison d’etre since 1931. Since its foundation, the core of Clinique La Prairie has indeed been “longevity”, with the mission of “helping and inspiring people to live a longer, healthier and better life.” We provide the holistic experience as a four-pillared process: medical, nutrition, wellness and movement, all of which play a vital role in our overall well-being. But one important aspect in recent years for Clinique La Prairie is that in a context of higher demand for preventative and longevity-based wellness, our mission is to respond to our customers’ needs for reassurance while moving them out of their comfort zones— thus delivering a real transformation tor their lifestyle.

What will a client get from Clinique La Prarie that they may not get anywhere else?

A profound change in their health and wellbeing, with long-lasting change. All our programmes, from Revitalisation to Master Detox, Better Sleep or the latest Executive Vitality, are designed and delivered with this in mind, with a commitment to bespoke and personal service. Guests benefit from in-depth medical assessments, and deeply engage with physicians and holistic consultants to kick-start a healthier way of life, to relax and recharge, to look and feel younger.

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What kinds of clients do you work with and from which parts of the world?

The average client for us is 48 years old, however, we have started to see a slight decrease in the average age in the last few years, due to a wider range of programmes on offer at Clinique La Prairie—especially the Master Detox, Weight Loss and Better Sleep programmes. These target health and wellbeing concerns for a younger clientele.

Our clientele typically comes from:

  • Europe: 30%
  • Asia: 30%
  • GCC & Russia: 20%
  • Americas: 20%

How long would they typically stay and what are their objectives?

The majority of our programmes are for one week’s stay. For example, the Revitalisation programme is a six-night, five-day programme. To have the full benefit of the Revitalisation programme, it is important to live this unique experience from the beginning to the end, with a complete medical check-up and safety supervision that covers a minimum of six days. People today live a very fast-paced schedule. As long as the body is strong and can keep up with the pace, we can enjoy the life we want to live.

At some point, it is necessary to give our body the opportunity to regenerate in order to sustain this pace of life. Fast life means fast ageing and Revitalisation is there to help to slow down ageing and to promote vitality.

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What changes do you predict for wellness tourism?

Speaking about the unprecedented current period, the COVID-19 pandemic is leaving its mark and has made people even more aware that health is our true wealth. The current challenge may evolve into people seeking, even more, to travel for wellness, looking for medical assessments and holistic wellness which will help in keeping internal defenses strong, in rebuilding immunity, in searching for mind-body balance, or overall longevity.

This will be coupled with, as I said earlier, growing demand for ultra-personalisation, a trend which was already on the rise. Wellness tourism can not only be based on on-site stays and programmes—clients want leading institutions to meaningfully build this connection with long-term support.

Finally, creating innovative therapies and guidance will continue to be the essence and future of wellness. At Clinique La Prairie, we want to stay true to ourselves and our exclusive guests, serving them with the best therapies, technologies, experts, services and science they can possibly get, continuing to be a force for a good change in health and wellbeing.

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