The Best Luxury Medical Wellness Clinics In EuropeThe Best Luxury Medical Wellness Clinics In Europe To Retreat In

The Best Luxury Medical Wellness Clinics In Europe

Wellness travellers often seek spa, fitness and detox retreats, yet the medical clinic sector is ever-growing and ticks all the boxes using an integrated advanced approach. Using high-tech facilities and treatments, complemented with qualified medical experts, wellness clinics offer retreats that focus on a particular physical or mental goal to ensure optimal health using medical procedures. These are the best luxury medical wellness clinics in Europe for an effective, revitalising retreat.

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Image courtesy of Clinique la Prairie

Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland

With a reputation as one of the best luxury wellness retreats in Switzerland and one of the world’s leading medical spas, Clinique la Prairie sits in the quaint Alpine village of Verbier. The resort opened in 1931 and continues to thrive with its five-star hospitality and state-of-the-art facilities. Housing over 50 doctors amongst its staff, the retreat offers a range of rejuvenating, all-inclusive programmes to boost the immune system and improve physical and emotional health. Some of the most popular retreats include the Master Detox and the Rebalancing Retreat.

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Image courtesy of Preidlhof

Preidlhof, Italy

Nestled in Naturns, South Tyrol, Italian retreat Preidlhof is a pioneer in medical wellness programmes and integrated health. The adult-only property boasts 5,000 square meters of wellness space, ten pools, a six-floor tower, 33,000 hectares of Texel Group Nature Park, a six-floor sauna tower, and Mediterannean gardens. There’s also the comprehensive MedSPA which offers holistic anti-ageing and aesthetic treatments and an in-house medical centre which gives health check-ups from expert advisers. Embark on the Three Pillars Of Health retreat and the Sleep Better retreat for holistic healing.

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Mediterranean views from the pool | Image courtesy of Sha Wellness Clinic

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

With a focus on rejuvenating spa therapies and non-invasive medical treatments, SHA Wellness Clinic uses cutting-edge science for comprehensive health retreats. Guests can embark on the luxury wellness programmes—which range from weight loss to fixing your sleeping pattern—and can expect a 360-degree approach to their personal wellbeing goals. SHA’s Rebalance & Fitness-Focused retreat and Intensive Detox + Weight Loss Programme are popular amongst healthy holiday seekers.

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Image courtesy of Lefay Spa & Resort

Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda, Italy

Perched atop the picturesque Lake Garda, Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda is famed for its comprehensive retreats that embrace overall wellness during a stay. Surrounded by stunning natural views, the resort provides guests with a selection of innovative spa facilities and medical wellness experts. Treatments include energetic massages, phytotherapy, hydrotherapy and more. The 10-Night Purity & Balance Detox Intensive Programme is for those looking to completely unwind and detox, whilst the 5-Night Harmony of the Body Weight Programme is a shorter, intensive retreat.

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Image courtesy of Epic SANA Algarve

Epic SANA Algarve, Portugal

Set only minutes away from Praia de Falesia beach, Epic SANA Algarve offers state-of-the-art technology in a natural setting. The oriental-inspired spa features nine treatment rooms and wellness retreats at Epic SANA include fitness, detox, mindfulness and yoga programmes for optimum relaxation. All Sayanna retreats include a balanced meal plan, exercise, treatments, emotional balance and workshops. Wellness travellers can choose from the detoxifying programmes including the De-Stress Retreat and the Mindfulness Retreat.

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Image courtesy of Park Igls

Park Igls, Austria

One of the world’s most famous medical spas, Park Igls, is situated high up in the Austrian Alps for a nature-bound retreat. The clinic follows the holistic modern Mayr medicine approach, based on the Austrian physician F.X. Mayr’s beliefs in good health coming from the gut. Retreats range from intensive detoxes, preventative therapies and alternative medicine remedies. Park Igls features a Mayr Clinic and a Medi Spa for guests to embrace the whole wellbeing experience. Guests are recommended to try one of Park Igls’ Mayr retreats, which include the Mayr Classic, the Mayr Intensive, and the Mayr De-Stress.

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Vilalara Thalassa Resort Portugal wellness resort
An oasis in the Algarve | Image courtesy of Vilalara Thalassa Resort

Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa, Portugal

Specialising in a range of integrated and high-impact spa, thalassa, detox and fitness programmes, Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa is a pioneer in holistic medical wellness. Each retreat begins with a consultation which may include blood tests, bio-physical examinations, essential elements and heavy metals, all led by qualified experts. Head here to try the anti-ageing, detox and slimming programmes. Try the Thalassa Wellness Booster or the Thalassa Break to rejuvenate and rejoice at the luxury retreat.

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Image courtesy of Villa Stéfanie Baden Baden

Villa Stéfanie Baden Baden, Germany

In Germany’s Black Forest region, Baden Baden, Villa Stéfanie provides an extensive spa menu and a range of holistic medical treatments. Housing some of Germany’s top wellness experts in medicine, gynecology and aesthetics, the institute is an urban medical spa for re-energising and revitalising in a calming environment. Boost your vitality with the Immune Boosting Programme or indulge in self-care with the Health & Beauty Programme.

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Image courtesy of Lanserhof Lans

Lanserhof Lans, Austria

Lanserhof Lans opened its doors in Tyrol in 1974 and has since been a leader in naturopathy and modern medicine. An idyllic resort surrounded by forest and mountain, Lanserhof takes a modern approach to wellness with its medical examinations and fitness assessments, cryotherapy, prescribed movement and relaxation therapies—all personalised for one’s specific needs. Take a break from work with the Burnout Therapy Lans retreat or learn the benefits of healthy eating with the Nutritional Therapy Lans retreat.

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