Compare Retreats Experts: The Wellness Places We’re Dreaming About

Compare Retreats Experts: The Wellness Places We’re Dreaming About

Travel has been put to a temporary halt amid the current global pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not planning ahead or dreaming a little for our next destination in the months to come. The Compare Retreats Experts share the wellness destinations we’re dreaming about.

Image courtesy of Amanpulo

Dervla Louli

I’m dreaming of retreats in far flung islands in the middle of the ocean like Amanpulo and Como Cocoa Island. I also can’t wait to visit the new spa hotel in Versailles and Zulal opening in Qatar soon. 

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Image courtesy of COMO Shambhala Estate

Gretchen Lagrange

I’m dreaming of laying by the natural spring pools at COMO Shambhala Estate in Ubud, after an amazing yoga class and deep tissue massage. I am lucky to live in Bali part time and the COMO Shambhala spas at both COMO UMA Ubud and COMO Shambala Estate are to me some of the best in Bali if not in all of Southeast Asia.

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Image courtesy of Jamie MacPherson | Unsplash

Catharine Nichol

I’m craving the ‘wellness destination’ that is the Western Highlands of Scotland. Memories of holidays there take me back to the basics – nature and connection. Days hiking along the shores of stunning lochs throwing sticks for the dogs, breathing in the freshest air and spotting seals between the waves and birds overhead. Evenings in a lodge, cosy and relaxed, sitting by the fire with friends, eating freshly–caught seafood and watching the sun go down so slowly and gently, creating that incredible pure northern light late into the night.

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anantara riverside Bangkok
Image courtesy of Anantara Riverside Bangkok

Matthew Leeb

The wellness hotel that I am dreaming about may be a bit unorthodox as it’s located in the heart of a city, but it is the Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort. I appreciate that this destination is only a short flight away from Hong Kong and offers an oasis of peace, quiet, and charm with the chaos of Bangkok still at your doorstep. From starting your day with a luxurious breakfast by the river, to utilizing the pool and fitness facilities, to relaxing with a signature spa treatment, Anantara is a tropical gem and somewhere I hope to return to soon.

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Image courtesy of Amanjiwo

Natalie Soderstrom

At the moment I’m dreaming about traveling to Amanjiwo on Java in Indonesia. I’m dreaming of lush greenery, spicy food, the friendliest Indonesian people, the spirituality of the place and the privacy. I miss laying by the beautiful pool, walking around the beautiful property which almost seemed mysterious and like it was holding a secret. 

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Image courtesy of Leio McLaren | Unsplash

Daniella Means

I’m dreaming of Gold Coast, Australia. With some of the greatest produce in the world, paired with stunning beaches and the best coffee I’ve ever had, it’s a no-brainer for me! Australia offers everything from the great outdoors to yoga and weightlifting for fitness enthusiasts, offering something for everyone to nourish their mind and body. I can’t wait to visit again. 

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The Bird Nest at Segara | Image courtesy of ROAR Africa

Mary Tilson

I’m dreaming of my upcoming trip to Kenya for the ROAR AFRICA Women’s Empowerment retreat, which has been postponed from June to September due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions. The ultimate wellness experience, in my opinion, is one that is integrated with remote wilderness. It’s where I feel most grounded, connected and inspired. With all of the devastation caused by Africa’s tourism industry being put on hold from economic despair to increased cases of wildlife poaching, I’ve never felt a stronger urge to go back and support the continent which has given me so much.

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