Family Wellness & TAIM Retreats At Zulal Wellness Resort With Sandie JohannessenFamily Wellness & TAIM Retreats With Zulal Wellness Resort

Family Wellness & TAIM Retreats At Zulal Wellness Resort With Sandie Johannessen

Qatar may not be the first destination that springs to mind when we think of wellness holidays, but Zulal Wellness Resort is changing that perception fast. The retreat is run by industry pioneer Chiva-Som and sits within a vast desert landscape by the Arabian Gulf coast. This unique property offers retreats like no other, blending traditional Arabic and Islamic medicine with modern practices. Guests can experience the best of physiotherapy, nutrition, holistic health, fitness and spa all in one place.

We chat with Zulal Wellness Resort‘s health and wellness director, Sandie Johannessen, about what to expect on your next journey:

Image courtesy of Zulal Wellness Resort

1. How has Zulal revolutionized Qatar’s wellness scene? 

Managed by Chiva-Som, a pioneer in global wellness and a leading wellness destination in lifestyle transformation, Zulal Wellness Resort is Msheireb Properties’ latest sustainable development initiative. Moreover, it’s the first of its kind, a wellness resort in the Middle East region, exclusively in Qatar. 

A unique wellbeing haven, Zulal Wellness Resort is Qatar’s largest wellness resort. It offers guests unique services and treatments, using ingredients indigenous to the region. Spread across 280,000 sqm, Zulal offers two exclusive venues for health and wellbeing. Adults can access a wide range of therapeutic and lifestyle enhancement treatments based upon traditional Arabic and Islamic medicine in the Zulal Serenity Wellness Resort; while the Zulal Discovery Wellness Resort enables families to enjoy positive wellness experiences together. 

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Zulal Wellness Resort
Image courtesy of Zulal Wellness Resort

2. What makes Zulal unique? 

Zulal Wellness Resort is the first holistic wellness-focused resort in Qatar and the region. Also, it offers exclusive wellness practices inspired by TAIM. These cater to both men and women. We also boast a strong focus on family wellness. 

Zulal Wellness Resort
Image courtesy of Zulal Wellness Resort

3. What are some of the most unique traditional Arabic and Islamic medicine (TAIM) services and how can guests benefit from these? 

We offer TAIM-inspired services. For example, a TAIM consultation with one of our TAIM Specialists involves you finding out your unique constitution. Then, we offer a personalised lifestyle recommendation plan. Afterwards, we focus on these six governing factors and a prescription of herbal blends which are prepared at our apothecary. 

We offer the following TAIM-inspired treatments:

  • Hijama therapy
  • Facial Hijama therapy
  • Traditional Qatari Hamiz (traditional Qatari deep tissue full body massage with the use of heated stones)
  • Massage Al-Batin (Holistic abdominal massage)
  • Massage Al-Ras (Holistic head and facial acupressure massage)

These can help you with pain management, efficient blood circulation, anti-inflammatory effects, improved bowel movements, relaxation, the release of muscular tension and lymphatic drainage.

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Zulal Wellness Resort
Image courtesy of Zulal Wellness Resort

4. What makes Zulal family-friendly, from a wellness point of view? 

Zulal caters to all ages and cultivates family wellness. The family wellness centre, Zulal Discovery, is designed to offer a place of inspiration and tranquillity and is a true haven for youngsters. Here families can bond, reconnect, and grow closer as a unit, while individually growing stronger, wiser, more confident, and happier. 

Zulal Wellness Resort
Image courtesy of Zulal Wellness Resort

It offers an exceptional mixture of playful education, fun, sports, meditation, creative arts, and dietary advice and promotes unique Arabic and Qatari-influenced treatments as well as the traditional ones that will appeal to families and their children. 

The resort also encourages a digital detox, so guests can disconnect to reconnect. The right sleep hygiene is powered by family bonding, no-screen activities, exercise, and fitness routines beneficial for sleep quality for the whole family. In addition, consultants will provide support to families and individuals that will provide them with the necessary tools to boost their wellbeing in everyday life. 

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Zulal Wellness Resort
Image courtesy of Zulal Wellness Resort

5. What can we look forward to at Zulal in 2023? 

In 2023, we have several exciting projects upcoming and participation in various international days and events. So, keep up to date with us on our various social media platforms and website.

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