10 Hong Kong Women On The Wellness Tips That Keep Them Balanced

10 Hong Kong Women On The Wellness Tips That Keep Them Balanced

When it comes to wellness tips, we love learning from the wisdom of our experts, from retreat founders to yoga teachers. In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8th), we’ve rounded up our favourite wellness tips and tricks from some of the lovely ladies leading Hong Kong’s wellness scene. Check out these top wellness tips for managing stress, perfecting their morning routines, and finding balance.

Peggy Chan
Image courtesy of Daniel Murray

Peggy Chan, Founder & Head Chef of Grassroots Pantry

“Natural wine, that’s my wellness ritual—well part of it. I am constantly running on such high adrenalin that when I need to slow down at night, it’s hard to just stop and sleep: so I wind down the evening with natural wine that doesn’t have added sulphites or preservatives. I also use essential oils for calming and grounding myself often, mostly Frankincense and Sandalwood. Jojoba oil or coconut oil are fantastic as body moisturisers. I also live on Young Living Panaway oil for pain relief when my muscles and tendons have been overworked.

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Laurie Mias revivo wellness resort retreats bali
Laurie Mias | Image courtesy of REVĪVŌ

Laurie Mias, founder of REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts

“I really try to listen to my body and not just eat because it’s lunchtime or something. It’s so important to try to listen to your body. Do you need to go out and breathe? Do it. Sometimes I just go to Tamar Park and I remove my shoes and I walk or starfish on the grass for five minutes before I go back to work—it feels so powerful.”

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Image courtesy of CatchOn

Cathy Chon, Founder of CatchOn PR

“It’s not about abstinence or denying yourself, it’s not about working versus leisurely pursuits, it’s about balance. First and foremost I’m a mother and wife. Second, I’m a business owner and a hard-working professional. I’m defined by my priorities, so for me, wellness is about being able to come home enough nights a week and have dinner with my children. I am well emotionally when I am with them, connected to them. Wellness is also going for a walk early in the morning before everyone is up, not because I need to do 10,000 steps, but because I need the time and space for reflection. Wellness is also enjoying a good meal and a good laugh. And at its essence, wellness is being true to myself.”

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ramona pascual mma fighter
Image courtesy of TEDx Wanchai

Ramona Pascual, Professional MMA Fighter

“Recovery is just as important as training. Without the right practices, training progress diminishes. Stress from an intense training schedule needs to be regulated for maximum benefit, otherwise, injuries are more likely to happen. The most active thing I’ll do on a rest day is going for a walk. I like to spend time with family or friends and do things with them that take my mind off training and fighting.”

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cara mcilroy hong kong model mum mother's day mum retreats women's retreats me-time
Image courtesy of Cara McIlroy

Cara McIlroy, Co-Founder of Genie Juicery

“When you take yourself out of your usual environment you have an opportunity to be present, be still, and learn things about yourself. You can’t do that at home because you’re in a routine, but when you put yourself in a new situation, you can really listen to your needs and wants: it’s not always what you think it is when you’re in your day-to-day life. A retreat gives you time to evaluate the things that you treasure most, which is so important for mums. We don’t really have time to be still or present in normal lives, which can be overwhelming and stressful.”

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dee cheung, hong kong wellness expert yoga teacher sup yoga
Image courtesy of Dee Cheung

Dee Cheung, Yoga Instructor & Co-Founder of FloatOn Hong Kong

“Yoga: it has been the one practice through all life’s changes that has kept me on track and balanced. Don’t mess with your sleep. Follow an 80-20 diet. Move your body every day and give back to communities that are important to you.”

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Image courtesy of Heanney McCollum

Heanney McCollum, Personal Trainer

“Find a morning routine that suits you and sets your day up for success. Learn to manage your stress, practice self-love: I have a free ebook that can help with that. Over-exercising also cause stress to the body, so don’t go too hard: it’s important to find an exercise that you feel good doing and look forward to doing. Balance the yang workouts with some yin yoga or meditation.”

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women in wellness in hong kong wellness tips
Image courtesy of Angie Ng

Angie Ng, Model & Spin Instructor

“I love to sleep. If I could sleep as long as I can I would—I try and get about six to eight hours daily basis. If I really can’t, then I’m lucky enough to have afternoon breaks where I can actually have a half-hour power nap. I have a little speaker in my bedroom and sometimes I like to play soft jazz and use a Caternap eye mask—the silk on the Caternap mask is interwoven with skincare products, and uses aloe vera and oil to refresh your skin.”

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wellness tips from women in wellness hong kong
Image courtesy of Julie Torps

Julie Torps, Regional CrossFit Athlete

“You have to listen to your body. It doesn´t matter what your calendar says you should be doing if your body and mind don´t feel up to it. You also have to know when you´re just trying to be lazy and have to push through and when your body actually needs to turn things down a notch. I was also just introduced to the exercise of changing your mindset from thinking about what you should be doing, to what you could be doing—it makes for a much nicer inner conversation and less disappointment.”

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women in wellness hong kong
Image courtesy of Daniel Murray

Cristina McLauchlan, Founder of The Vibe Tribe

“In the past three years visualisation has played such a wonderful role in my life personally and professionally. At the end of each month, I create a gratitude calendar to track what has happened in my life. At the end of each year, I create a dream board for the year ahead of what I envision will come: I view it as already happening. This language creates an energy that supports the manifestation.”

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Rebecca Cairns

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