Stefano Battaglia, One Of The 5 Best Healers In The World, On Holistic Healing & New Wellness Retreats At Preidlhof

Stefano Battaglia, One Of The 5 Best Healers In The World, On Holistic Healing & New Wellness Retreats At Preidlhof

Recognised as one of the best Spa Destinations in the World by Tatler Spa Guide 2020, Preidlhof is a wellness-centric resort in Naturno, Italy, set amidst rolling hills and panoramic views. Named one of the ‘5 Best Healers in the World’ by the annual Tatler Spa Awards, the luxury resort’s Master Therapist Stefano Battaglia recently launched his latest retreat for healthy holiday hunters—Glowing Flow. We speak to the esteemed Master Therapist on his first wellness experience, how he integrates therapeutic approaches and the new wellness offerings to try at Preidlhof.

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Can you tell us about your life before you became a Master Healer at Preidlhof? Before I joined the team at Preidlhof, I travelled extensively and I had the priceless chance to meet extraordinary people and share priceless experiences that helped me to create a meaningful life full of insights, gratitude and commitment. 

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What was your first healthy holiday experience? I would say my first healthy holiday experience was when I made a visit to the Himalayas and then to an Indian Ashram in 1998. These experiences helped me understand what it means to be healthy inside and out. 

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What does the therapeutic approach “Trauma Touch Skills” comprise? In my sessions and in the new Glowing Flow Retreat, I share many years of learning, experiencing and practising in the healing path. The treatment is always evolving and is never the same—it’s a blend of different techniques based on an osteopathic-derived discipline enriched and deepened by my specialisation in Emotional Shock & Trauma Recovery and Trauma Touch Healing.

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What are the new wellness offerings and retreats available at Preidlhof? My new Glowing Flow Retreat is an immersive experience aiming to restore the natural inborn assets of our (self) healing potentials. I share my sessions, meditations, experience and quality time in harmony with the powerful location and the enchanting offerings of Preidlhof.  
Glowing Flow, the session, is included in the “Integrated Healing Retreat” where I have the privilege to share my experience and approach with exceptional colleagues. Together, we create a consistent healing experience totally personalised and ideally suitable for all the hard times in life, the periods of deep search, or the phases where a new beginning becomes necessary.

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What do you hope for guests to achieve when experiencing a therapy or wellness programme at Preidlhof? When guests come to experience wellness at Preidlhof, I try to stimulate a more awareness-oriented, joyful, lighter and balanced relationship with oneself, the others, nature and the entire universe.

You have set and achieved big goals. What process do you swear by? I stay deeply connected with my inner journey—spirituality is my priority together with a playful and joyful approach to life. 

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What is an interesting routine that you do daily that sets you up for success? A routine I live by is to stay tuned with the here and now—I practice whatever helps myself with rooting into the present moment, without judgment and with the awareness that everything is temporary. 

How do you remain aware and mindful of your thoughts and catch yourself when you’re in a negative thought pattern? Vipassana and meditation experiences taught me how to recognise when my mind gets into a negative frame. It can sense my body becoming tense, my breath becoming shallow, so when it happens, I start observing and giving space to whatever process is happening without trying to interfere.

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The most powerful transformations can come through difficult times or a crisis because people are forced to have a breakthrough. How have you changed a crisis into an opportunity? I’ve realised throughout my own experiences how to connect to the roots of any crisis understanding that I’m 100% accountable for my own happiness or misery, without blaming anything or anyone outside me. I’m the architect of my own happiness or failures. 

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