Sidarth Dominic On CGH Earth’s SwaSwara Wellness Retreats & What True Balance Looks Like

Sidarth Dominic On CGH Earth’s SwaSwara Wellness Retreats & What True Balance Looks Like

Located on the western ‘Konkan’ coast beside the quiet Om Beach, SwaSwara Resort is nestled within South India’s tranquil Karnataka. Meaning ‘inner voice’, SwaSwara is a holistic beachside resort paying tribute to traditional Ayurveda and yoga practices in a harmonious setting, set amidst lush green gardens, rolling hills and coconut palm tree-lined beaches. Part of the transformative wellness hospitality group, CGH Earth Experience Hotels, the hotel caters to eco-friendly practices, nourishing cuisine and rejuvenating treatment programmes. Compare Retreats speaks to CGH Earth’s Director Mr. Sidarth Dominic on his journey to wellness, what true balance looks like and his notion of a perfect retreat.

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Tell us about your life before you founded SwaSwara/CGH Earth. Our journey at CGH Earth began a little over three decades ago. It was a journey of discovery that crystallised the core of who we are. The journey began with an island in the Indian Ocean—Bangaram, Laccadives. Delivering the raw, unspoiled beauty of the island to travellers and without, in any way,
compromising the land’s ecology, we wanted to enrich the community by forming partnerships with local businesses. This journey truly enshrined our beliefs at CGH Earth—which we now hold dearly and call our core values.

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These core values of environment sensitivity, inclusiveness of the host community and offering a true experience of the local context today, are the filters that define who we are. This journey led us through different destinations, each time creating offerings that celebrate the destination and offers back to the traveller. It’s an opportunity to truly touch the hearts of the place.

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What does true balance look like? True balance to me means commitment to sustainability.

What do you want to accomplish through SwaSwara? SwaSwara, as the name in Sanskrit suggests, refers to my rhythm or articulation to have clearer discovery in oneself. SwaSwara in its physical form, refers to offerings of Yoga and Ayurveda. Its setting, helps ones journey within and to understand his/her rhythm, and if required, tweak it to live in better harmony.

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What are your personal fitness goals? Personal fitness goals for me has been a journey of becoming more holistic in my approach to fitness. Hence fitness means mind, body and soul—all of which have fitness requirements.

How do you overcome one specific obstacle that you encounter daily? I believe that every day will have challenges, stressing about them will not solve them—using the collective experience to explore potential solutions gives you a better advantage in solving obstacles.

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What’s your fitness motto and why? My fitness motto is to work and play in balance.

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Describe an ideal retreat experience here in five words. An ideal retreat experience to me means having elements which incorporate—nature, wholesomeness, pureness, integrity and peace.

How do you reboot after a hectic week? I reboot with sport—usually with intense physical activity.

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When you feel unfocused or overwhelmed what do you do? When I feel unfocused, I retreat to silence.

What is something you’ve learned during these unprecedented times?
During these difficult times, I’ve learned to embrace the power of being collective as a community.

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