12 Motivating Wellness Apps To Digitise Your Wellbeing

12 Motivating Wellness Apps To Digitise Your Wellbeing

Whether it’s finding time to meditate, practice yoga or workout, our on-the-go lifestyle means there’s rarely enough hours in the day to prioritise personal wellness. Luckily, the screens we keep tucked in our pockets have found a way around this, providing wellness that’s accessible with a tap of a button. To help you find a moment of zen amidst your busy schedule, here are 12 incredible health, fitness and wellness apps to digitise your wellbeing.

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Alo Moves

If finding your flow at a yoga studio near you on moment’s notice is a high-strung task, the activewear brand Alo’s video-based training app Alo Moves allows you to tap into classes lead by renowned yoga instructors. Allowing you to pick classes based on duration, style or intensity, you can also find a community of yogis to inspire you and share tips on fine-tuning your techniques.

Download the Alo Moves here

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Admittingly a bit of a catch-22, the answer to spending less time on your phone might just be within an app that helps with mindfulness. Keeping track of your ‘Mindful Moments’ as well as containing a library of focus tracks, productivity tips and other audio content, Flipd is the app helping users with staying present and focused.

Download Flipd here.


Even if you’ve never meditated, you’ve definitely heard of leading meditation and mindfulness app Headspace. Headspace reimagines meditation practices for the busy professional with bite-sized guides and themed sessions to help with stress and anxiety. Currently, the app is available in English, German and French and can be tried for free with the Headspace Basics pack. For the full access to the apps mindfulness content, Headspace offers a paid subscription option.

Download Headspace here

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Your phone doubles as a running and cycling activity tracker with the Strava app that helps log and analyse performance data but Strava separates from every other performance tracker on the Appstore with a community-based feed for athletes to share their progress as well as Beacon, the app’s feature that allows real-time location sharing for emergency situations. Making it easy to discover new trails during travel, Strava is also used by runners keen on building their own running routes.

Download Strava and find your running route here

Nike Training Club

Who says travelling means you have to skip out on a workout? The Nike Training App is great for anyone addicted to the burn of a core workout but without immediate access to a gym wherever they are in the world. Providing multi-level workouts from beginner to athlete, Nike Trainer Masters provide expert programmes for you to follow through to your end goal.

Download the Nike Training Club here



Designed specifically with women in mind, the Sweat app allows you to tap into yoga classes or HIIT workouts from fitfluencers like Kayla Itsines, Kelsey Wells, Sjana Elise, Stephanie Sanzo, and Chontel Duncan. Offering flexibility and a diverse selection of workouts, users can feel empowered through its network of female personal trainers as well as in-app recipes for healthy meal plans.

Download Sweat out here. 


Keep your options open with a varied fitness membership with ClassPass. Download the app to find classes near you in boxing, barre, yoga and Pilates — and better yet, use it wherever you travel, with workouts available in more than 80 cities around the globe.

Download ClassPass here.


Seeing a gap in the market, abillionveg founder Vikas Garg saw a gap in the market for vegan foodies searching for the best plant-based dining dishes. The platform lets users add feedback for restaurants and leave reviews on plant-based, cruelty-free menu items help other users find the best dishes around. The app also supports animal rights charities with donations made for every review left, giving it an extra bit of feel-good factor.

Download abillionveg here.


Keep track of menstrual health with the Clue app and ease the stress that comes with the time of the month by reading personalised insights into your cycle. Clue predicts your period, PMS and fertility, all features crucial to personal wellbeing and becoming more attuned to the way your body works.

Download Clue here


Used by many top fitness and yoga studios in Hong Kong and beyond, the MINDBODY app connects you to the best fitness and wellness services in your community, from yoga sessions to massages—plus, you can track your progress by connecting the app to your FitBit.

Download MINDBODY here.


Here’s an app that will leave you in a brighter mood. Featured by publications such as Forbes and the New York Times, the Happify app is a stress and anxiety management tool helping users make positive life changes through research-based solutions and techniques proven in the field of psychology, mindfulness and cognitive-based therapies. Just as important as physical health, Happify helps us keep our emotional wellbeing in check.

Download Happify here

Oh She Glows

An app filled with healthy, inspiring vegan recipes—can we ask for more? The award-winning app is by self-trained chef and photographer Angela Liddon who demonstrates how to make plant-based eating fun and easy with recipes and vegan shopping guides.

Download Oh She Glows here

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