The Best Travel TikTok Accounts to Follow

The Best Travel TikTok Accounts to Follow

Home isolation and quarantine has brought a surge of new wellness trends including online home retreats, fitness apps and beauty gadgets to bring the spa to you. So if you’re scrolling through Instagram and bookmarking the next wellness retreats to book post-COVID, you’re not alone. We’ve rounded up the best travel TikToks to follow so that you can continue adding to your wanderlust bucket list…

Image courtesy of @canadiantravelgal


Sharing her adventures in Vancouver and beyond, @canadiantravelgal celebrates the most beautiful beaches, cherry blossom spots and snowshoeing places for a resident’s guide to the region. Follow her on TikTok to add your favourite spots in on your next visit to Canada.

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Image courtesy of @theglobewanderers


Jake and Kaylee are content creators and regular bloggers of their travel journeys. Explore their colourful feed full of off-the-beaten-trail destinations from the Philippines to Kauai. Follow them on @theglobewanderers

Image courtesy of @professionaltraveler


Run by influencer Catarina Mello, @professionaltraveler is your go-to account for stunning remote locations around the world. Mello shares her world-wide adventures and the most beautiful hotels to stay at. Discover more by following her on TikTok and Instagram.

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Image courtesy of @jonmiksis


Boston-based @jonmiksis has a cult following on TikTok with over 15 million likes on the platform. The travel writer and photographer covers stunning destinations with a glimpse into the best spots in each country he visits. Get some vacation inspiration from his well-curated videos.

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Image courtesy of @voyagefox


Founded by Nathalie Aron, @voyagefox is a travel blogger from Germany who posts about her luxury vacations on TikTok and Instagram. The stunning photos are bound to make you want to book your next holiday in The Maldives, Cambodia, Mexico and beyond…

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